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The Castro de Antrialgo, will be studied in the coming months. Archaeologists and the Municipality of Piloña will launch the investigation of the Castro through the stones that have appeared in Antrialgo and the knowledge of the neighbors about it. This study can be a shock to tourists visiting the Council.

The classic Cangas de Onis-Lagos is a test of great national participation that runs different Villas and ports of Asturias with a total of 110 kilometers. With more than 4000 participants, it makes the East of Asturias one of the most demanded places in those dates.

The Navastur Club with a long tradition supported by Unipublic organizer of La Vuelta ciclista a España and supported by the City Council of Cangas de Onís, manage to summon many fans around the same.

Our rural houses have been several years being the lodging of cyclists that besides taking the test, let your family enjoy visiting Asturias. If you are going to participate, do not forget to ask us, we offer a wide range of activities for your family while you enjoy the test.

Natalia from OT, has enjoyed our accommodations in Antrialgo as seen in the Instagram photo of the singer. The nature in the surroundings of the houses, has been highlighted in different media that have interviewed the singer.

In our houses we have already received several people who have captured the national and international media with the recording of one of the prime time most seen in the UK.

This encourages us to continue building other options that will attract more customers to our accommodations.

One of the most emblematic places of our council and our region is El Santuario de la Cueva. Both as a place of worship as a playground in the surrounding area, it is a unique location in Infiesto. You can, direct your walk towards Campo de Caso and Puerto San Isidro if you want to immerse yourself in a full day.It is a limestone separated by the river called Campo de los Romeros as you can read on this websiteEvery day is more popular among people who want to marry, weddings, communions, christenings and other celebrations, and multitudinous parties Hazelnut in September or April Fair.Our cottages have often been reserved for events in this environment for people who want to locate their relatives and friends in a nearby event environment. A few kilometers from the hotels where these weddings are held, you have a guarantee that they will be in an environment and in a quality location. You can see more about our cottages near the cave infiesto here.

In these pictures we leave here, you can see how were our houses Huerta San Benito and how beautiful you see on this website. We worked hard for many months and even planned for years. Restoring rural houses that of 100 years and were practically hidden in the undergrowth was not easy. Today, they have become them into a complex with imnumerables media reviews in national and international media, as well as thousands of customers who have made our homes, their reference in tourism.

It has been exciting to get here, and we would like they stay in your retina at least a reflection of all those moments.

Thank you for sharing these moments with us !

has given us a 9 out of 10 (although at this time we have a 9.2) in the evaluation that clients make in our accommodations.

This mention refers to the degree of excellence that we aim not only in our accommodations, but on the whole stay of our clients and all that that entails benefits for them and for our region.

We will continue working on this line and expanding our own context in the coming months.

 Our houses are very close to the Picos de Europa. Just 15 minutes from Cangas de Onis, you can go to the Cares, Cabrales, climb the Ponton to Riaño or reach the slopes of Cantabria in Potes and Fuente Dé, without neglecting Lakes and Covadonga or reach any beach in  Ribadesella and Llanes.

You can see roe deer, chamois, and cows, goats, sheeps...... Anywhere in the Picos de Europa, you'll spend a day very comfortable, many trails, sure one should be  attractive and you could disconnect and lose yourself for a few hours.

If you want any information, do not hesitate to tell us.

Recently, some customers of Valladolid discovered one of the most attractive routes which we had not heard. We would like to mention to a little as 22 water mills along of 7 km, one of the economic activities extinct half a century ago.

Start at Valbúcar (Amandi), and you go up the river to the district of Buslaz (Breceña). Coincides with the route from Gijón to Covadonga that andariega The gathering launched Garrapiellu years ago. You have 3 hours there and back the same, meaning that a good option would be to be picked up at one point. Besides mills, lush vegetation and the river, you go through very nice parishes as Amandi, Coru and Breceña. The route well marked and there have fact sheets on it.

We noticed that in our cottages a large group staying for this route, found it so beautiful that seen in Asturias.

Redes Park in Asturias The Redes's park covers Networks Caso and Sobresescobio. in the central-eastern area of ​​the Cordillera Canábrica. The park was declared in 1996 in order to improve the quality of the inhabitants of these councils and seeking greater dynamism. In 2001 it was declared a World Heritage Site. You can see glacial formations such as moraines and cirques, karstic forms in caves and many flocks and fields.Networks you can find predominantly beech, but also oak and juniper. In fact, the fruit beechnut beech is a major source of wildlife alimentaciíon thereof. In the mountains you will find yew, birch, holly and juniper creeping.The bear, chamois, wolf, grouse, owls, golden eagles and various reptiles are part of the fauna of the Park Network.Networks can do everything tiipo of outdoor activities. You can use your mountain bike or hike to explore more deeply its charm. The Visitor Center in Campo de Caso summer attend your requests on these phones 985 609 099/985 609 005. If you wish, from our cottages in Asturias near the entrance Networks for field case, we can provide you a fantastic stay that not only lets you see networks but enjoy many other options both in similar environments as homes or villages with many points of tourist interest selected in our directory. Live the experience with us in a different way. Contact us on 629408754 and 620926592.
You can visit Redes from our Rural Cottages in Antrialgo. Click here.for more information.
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