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Oviedo becomes in November of this year, in the international capital of the Cheeses. During the days 3, 4, 5 and 6 of November, the capital of the Principality will host more than 3000 cheeses from different countries in the International Cheese Awards An important opportunity for Asturias to be a reference in Tourism in general and to sell a product that has many followers. Innovation and Food can have a reference in this event. Our Accommodations are near Oviedo. If you want to enjoy a rural environment but very well connected to the capital, we will be happy to receive you.

Our Accommodations will be closed until the Government lifts the Alarm State. From that moment, we will resume the activity little by little. We have returned all reservations to 100% of our clients from Easter Week and from other dates of March, April and even May, although the summer ones are kept waiting for what happens on later dates.

Rural tourism is an activity that we are sure will emerge stronger from this situation. Regardless of the gastronomic, cultural or sports interest that it may awaken, there is the environment that serves to recharge the mind and body. This plays a unique role in a good part of society and its influence will be even greater at times when we will need to breathe fresh air.

It is important that the interests of the workers are safeguarded because without them, there will be no type of economy, that there will be real reasons to unite in key situations, avoiding underlying economic reasons that use this situation for their own benefit. It is evident that each CCAA and each Country will do the unspeakable to keep their citizens in their own economy, which will give rise to an Utarquia.

The Asturian Government must activate an important effort in the immediate promotion of the region and in the economic resources that the businessmen of the sector need. Words without facts are that, words and Asturias without Rural Tourism, is that, a space that ceases to be attractive for a good part of tourism.

For years the Bocanegra Association has its headquarters in Vallés. Interesting groups perform every month in this town Piloñesa with a great reputation. In our homes, we have hosted supporters of the different groups that come from anywhere not only in Asturias but throughout our geography. We hope to see you soon attending a concert of this fantastic Association and if you want, stay at our houses.

This weekend, we were able to enjoy an important event: the National Enduro Championship held in Piloña in its fourth test.

In our accommodations have been Gas Gas team pilots among others, as well as sponsors of different teams, arrived from: Barcelona, San Sebastian, Cordoba or Malaga among other places.

Motorcycles move an important economy in Spain and these events represent an important boost for the whole region.

Few experiences as shocking as ballooning. Asturias has incredible landscapes that, seen from this height, are unforgettable. This weekend, a couple from Bilbao stayed in our lodgings to leave on Saturday in the first hour in a balloon. This photo is made as it passes through Antrialgo. The company that makes the balloon rides is Ikaro Globos.

The Castro de Antrialgo, will be studied in the coming months. Archaeologists and the Municipality of Piloña will launch the investigation of the Castro through the stones that have appeared in Antrialgo and the knowledge of the neighbors about it. This study can be a shock to tourists visiting the Council.

The classic Cangas de Onis-Lagos is a test of great national participation that runs different Villas and ports of Asturias with a total of 110 kilometers. With more than 4000 participants, it makes the East of Asturias one of the most demanded places in those dates.

The Navastur Club with a long tradition supported by Unipublic organizer of La Vuelta ciclista a España and supported by the City Council of Cangas de Onís, manage to summon many fans around the same.

Our rural houses have been several years being the lodging of cyclists that besides taking the test, let your family enjoy visiting Asturias. If you are going to participate, do not forget to ask us, we offer a wide range of activities for your family while you enjoy the test.

Natalia from OT, has enjoyed our accommodations in Antrialgo as seen in the Instagram photo of the singer. The nature in the surroundings of the houses, has been highlighted in different media that have interviewed the singer.

In our houses we have already received several people who have captured the national and international media with the recording of one of the prime time most seen in the UK.

This encourages us to continue building other options that will attract more customers to our accommodations.

One of the most emblematic places of our council and our region is El Santuario de la Cueva. Both as a place of worship as a playground in the surrounding area, it is a unique location in Infiesto. You can, direct your walk towards Campo de Caso and Puerto San Isidro if you want to immerse yourself in a full day.It is a limestone separated by the river called Campo de los Romeros as you can read on this websiteEvery day is more popular among people who want to marry, weddings, communions, christenings and other celebrations, and multitudinous parties Hazelnut in September or April Fair.Our cottages have often been reserved for events in this environment for people who want to locate their relatives and friends in a nearby event environment. A few kilometers from the hotels where these weddings are held, you have a guarantee that they will be in an environment and in a quality location. You can see more about our cottages near the cave infiesto here.
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