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Rural Houses in the Redes' Park

Redes Park in Asturias The Redes's park covers Networks Caso and Sobresescobio. in the central-eastern area of ​​the Cordillera Canábrica. The park was declared in 1996 in order to improve the quality of the inhabitants of these councils and seeking greater dynamism. In 2001 it was declared a World Heritage Site. You can see glacial formations such as moraines and cirques, karstic forms in caves and many flocks and fields.Networks you can find predominantly beech, but also oak and juniper. In fact, the fruit beechnut beech is a major source of wildlife alimentaciíon thereof. In the mountains you will find yew, birch, holly and juniper creeping.The bear, chamois, wolf, grouse, owls, golden eagles and various reptiles are part of the fauna of the Park Network.Networks can do everything tiipo of outdoor activities. You can use your mountain bike or hike to explore more deeply its charm. The Visitor Center in Campo de Caso summer attend your requests on these phones 985 609 099/985 609 005. If you wish, from our cottages in Asturias near the entrance Networks for field case, we can provide you a fantastic stay that not only lets you see networks but enjoy many other options both in similar environments as homes or villages with many points of tourist interest selected in our directory. Live the experience with us in a different way. Contact us on 629408754 and 620926592.
You can visit Redes from our Rural Cottages in Antrialgo. Click here.for more information.

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Rural houses in the Redes' Park