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Rural houses near the Infiesto´s Cave

One of the most emblematic places of our council and our region is El Santuario de la Cueva. Both as a place of worship as a playground in the surrounding area, it is a unique location in Infiesto. You can, direct your walk towards Campo de Caso and Puerto San Isidro if you want to immerse yourself in a full day.It is a limestone separated by the river called Campo de los Romeros as you can read on this websiteEvery day is more popular among people who want to marry, weddings, communions, christenings and other celebrations, and multitudinous parties Hazelnut in September or April Fair.Our cottages have often been reserved for events in this environment for people who want to locate their relatives and friends in a nearby event environment. A few kilometers from the hotels where these weddings are held, you have a guarantee that they will be in an environment and in a quality location. You can see more about our cottages near the cave infiesto here.

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Rural houses near the Infiesto´s Cave