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Rural Houses and Coronavirus

Our Accommodations will be closed until the Government lifts the Alarm State. From that moment, we will resume the activity little by little. We have returned all reservations to 100% of our clients from Easter Week and from other dates of March, April and even May, although the summer ones are kept waiting for what happens on later dates.

Rural tourism is an activity that we are sure will emerge stronger from this situation. Regardless of the gastronomic, cultural or sports interest that it may awaken, there is the environment that serves to recharge the mind and body. This plays a unique role in a good part of society and its influence will be even greater at times when we will need to breathe fresh air.

It is important that the interests of the workers are safeguarded because without them, there will be no type of economy, that there will be real reasons to unite in key situations, avoiding underlying economic reasons that use this situation for their own benefit. It is evident that each CCAA and each Country will do the unspeakable to keep their citizens in their own economy, which will give rise to an Utarquia.

The Asturian Government must activate an important effort in the immediate promotion of the region and in the economic resources that the businessmen of the sector need. Words without facts are that, words and Asturias without Rural Tourism, is that, a space that ceases to be attractive for a good part of tourism.

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Rural Houses and Coronavirus