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Huerta San Benito. Entorno magnífico
  • Covandonga
  • From Viyao
  • Gijon
  • Hayas en la Biescona
  • Lago Ercina
  • Lastres
  • Otero (Travesera)
  • Oviedo
  • Poo de Llanes

Wonderful surroundings

As all Asturian villages, Antrialgo owns beautiful views, as you can see in the above photograph.

The surrounding landscape lets us do different open air activities such as horse riding, cycling, the funny descent of the river Sella, as well as enjoying its tracks, forests, paths and rivers.

We suggest...

In our rural houses we provide a directory of restaurants, cider bars and places of interest such as the famous Lakes within the National Park Picos de Europa and the Sanctuary of Covadonga, as well as the Museums and cultural tours.

We also organize activities such as horse riding, descent of the Sella, Quads routes, the route of Cares, Paintball and other interesting things you may like to do.

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